ETC has recently introduced a new range of LED profile spots in their Source Four profile range.  

The new Source Four LED profile spotlights combine the proven functionality and form factor of the original Source Four conventional theatrical profile spots released in 1992 with the benefits of the latest LED technology to deliver new layers of performance and control. The Source Four LED produces a sharp, clean beam of focusable light or a smooth wash, to give extra versatility to almost all lighting projects.  

The latest range of Source Four LED profile spots includes Source Four LED Lustr+, Source Four LED Daylight, and Source Four LED Tungsten, bringing bright white light plus brilliant colours and energy-saving efficiency to all types of installations.  

The Source Four LED spots are ideal for venues requiring energy-efficient lighting or seamless and silent colour-changing lights, and are specifically designed to work well alongside traditional types of lighting.  

While the Source Four LED Tungsten and Daylight profile spots produce maximum brightness at their respective warm (3000K) and cool white (5600K) colour temperatures, the Source Four LED Lustr+ offers a complete palette of colours similar to ETC’s Selador Desire Lustr+, thanks to the Selador x7 Colour System. All three models offer the same levels of stunning projection-quality beam and smooth dimming quality.  

According to ETC’s product manager for Source Four LED, Matthew Armendariz-Kerr, there has to be a benefit when adding new technology to a lighting rig, which in the case of LEDs, is the implied energy efficiency.  

While not all LED fixtures are energy-efficient, ETC’s Source Four LEDs produce exceptional amount of light for the power used, achieving between 30 and 40 lumens per watt in the new fixtures, depending on the model.  

Key features of Source Four LED profile spots:  

  • LED luminaires use the same barrel as other Source Four fixtures, allowing easy retrofitting
  • Accepts any standard Source Four lens tube, achieving best results with a Source Four EDLT (Enhanced Definition Lens Tube)
  • 50,000 hours of life to 70% of original intensity
  • Maximum power draw of less than 170 watts
  • Colour changing Lustr+ version LED also reduces the number of fixtures required
  • User settings allow multiple operational modes and settings for console operation via DMX protocol or standalone operation
  • Expanded LCD display provides easy navigation to all possible settings and options
Setting options of LCD display:  
  • Multiple DMX choices ranging from a simple RGB profile, which effectively controls all seven LED colours via three channels to 9-channel ‘direct’ colour and intensity control
  • Multiple dimming curve options
  • Preset colours and sequences for standalone operation without console
  • White point selection (white light and colour behaviour) based on specific colour temperature white light
  • Loss of data behaviour options: instant off, hold last look for two minutes, etc.
  • Three output options offer the user a choice between maximum output and maximum consistency
The full range of Source Four LED profiles is available from Jands , a leading Australian distributor of professional lighting equipment as well as sound and staging systems.