An ETC Gio lighting control console has been installed at the City Recital Hall Angel Place in Sydney.
A purpose-built venue situated in the heart of Sydney with a capacity for 1230 guests seated over three tiers of raked seating, this world-class concert hall is acoustically designed for fine music and spoken word, with its elegant beauty, intimate layout and professional technical services creating a perfect combination for annual general meetings, conferences, meetings and special events.

When it was time to replace their existing lighting console with a more technically advanced model to control recently acquired moving lights, Technical Manager Cally Bartley found herself drawn to the ETC range of lighting control consoles following a comprehensive search of the market.

Though she was interested in the Eos and Ion lighting consoles, she was informed about a new console positioned between the two models, which would meet the concert hall’s specific requirements.
The ETC Gio lighting console delivered the power of an Eos lighting system but in a smaller console, sized just right for Cally’s budget and space.
The Gio console has been designed to simplify complex lighting work with innovative features such as backlit buttons that make working in the dark much easier on the programmer’s eyes as well as the power of Eos software in addition to two integral, articulating multi-touch displays and support for up to three external displays, all of which can also be multi-touch.
The console’s group functions and ability to map the faders have excited the technicians, who are now learning about the capabilities of moving lights.
The ETC Gio lighting control consoles are available from Jands , a leading Australian distributor of professional lighting systems as well as sound and staging equipment.