The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) is recognised as one of the premier schools for technical theatre training.

The NIDA production provide the skill set for students combining formal teaching with practical, hands-on experience.

The NIDA also encourage students to work outside of the technical square. Luke Woolley, a second-year NIDA student, who heard about ETC Eos console from Jands , took it upon to get access to Eos for a production of ‘Unidentified Human Remains’ in the Parade Theatres.

The show’s lighting was designed by 2008 NIDA graduate Jack Horton with Luke Woolley acting as head electrician.

Rob Kelly, Technical Supervisor, NIDA, supported the venture and invited Jands to come to the NIDA campus and demonstrate the ETC Eos to the entire class. Impressed with the level of enthusiasm, Jands donated the use of the Eos for their production.

According to Luke Woolley, the ETC Eos console was a good tool to learn in quick time, with its clear layout and pre-made effects. With the different formatting for the different screens it was a great tool in setting up an environment that was quick to move around within, with all the information at the touch of a button.