There has been a history of ETC consoles residing at Rockhampton’s Pilbeam Theatre and so it was no surprise that an Eos was recently purchased to keep the venue up to date with technology.

Laurie Clarke, the theatre’s senior technician, still had a good look on the market to see what other lighting manufacturers could offer but nothing else could tempt him.

”Previously we had been using an ETC Obsession II but it was time to upgrade,” commented Laurie. “After researching what’s available we decided that the ETC Eos best suited our needs. The fact that it has basically the same syntax as the Obsession means that our casual pool of operators can use it quite easily. Familiarity and comfort were factors in the purchase.”

Laurie has discovered that the Eos is a console that an experienced operator or a novice would be able to operate in no time at all.

”It’s easier to set up than other consoles and certainly easier to use,” he said. “All of the staff rave about the Eos. It has a really good user interface, with the touch screens and faders well laid out. In fact I really like the touch screens and the way that the moving light portion of it works. It makes control of our moving lights fast and simple. It’s fantastic at handling mixed lighting rigs with neither moving lights nor conventionals more important than the other.”

Eos consoles are available from Jands .