Jands introduces the DDS 5900, the new Digital Discussion System from DIS designed to facilitate successful discussion events.

The simple, affordable and fully digital DDS 5900 features an elegant design and intuitive operation with multiple possibilities of controlling the system; the plug and play simplicity of the system enables users to fully focus on the event.

The DDS 5900 is an affordable digital audio conferencing and language distribution solution for both small-scale rentals and permanent installations. DIS can supply systems to meet a wide range of application needs from a small rental job to a permanent installation in a conference centre.

The DIS DDS 5900 Digital Discussion System consists of a central unit and a single programmable multi-user unit, enabling discussion, interpretation, grouping, VOX (voice activation) and audio scrambling feature.

The plug-and-play setup and online event management capabilities allow the DDS 5900 to offer seamless event management for event participants and installers alike. The intuitive and ergonomic design allows users to fully focus on communicating and translating their message.

DIS supplies a web browser interface for system set up, assigning of seats, operation modes etc., which in addition can be used during the event for event management purposes.

The DIS cost effective DDS 5900 is the right solution due to its simplicity and high intelligibility. Key features include fully digital audio transmission; control of up to 250 discussions units; additional up to 32 units allowed to be configured as interpreter units; 2 language interpretation channels; up to 8 simultaneous open microphones interpretation channels; support for 4 microphone operation modes; Automatic, FIFO, Manual and VOX (Voice activation); facility for 'Auto Off' of microphones; TCP/IP Ethernet connection for external control; DCS-LAN connection by use of shielded CAT 5e (or higher) F/UTP or U/FTP cabling; web browser interface for easy setup of system parameters; discussion unit configurable as chairmen, delegate or interpreter unit; scrambled audio to prevent eavesdropping; and exchangeable button overlay on discussion unit.