Perth’s His Majesty’s Theatre is over 100-years old and may celebrate its Edwardian era architecture, but there is nothing ancient about its’ technical department as demonstrated by the recent purchase of Clear-Com FreeSpeak, a license free, fully-integrated, digital wireless intercom.

The system includes Clear-Com FreeSpeak 10 digital wireless belt-packs as well as RS601 wired belt-packs and together they provide all the communication needs for the theatre and all production staff involved.

James Gueness, head of audio, surveyed what was on the market but having extensively used Clear-Com products in the past he knew they were reputable.

“Their products have always been rock solid so it was no big decision to stick with them,” he said.

“Since acquiring our Clear-Com FreeSpeak we’ve used it on everything from operas to ballets to functions on the stage. It’s been great to have the freedom to move around without trailing a cable. It’s been very reliable and is easy to use. The integration between the new FreeSpeak system and our older comm’s system is pretty much seamless. No dramas whatsoever and I must say that the technical support from Jands has been great.”

In fact, a totally mobile FreeSpeak user can do everything that, up until now, was only possible using a traditional hard-wired / desk-mounted intercom. This includes user key assignment, IFBs, Groups and full non-blocking mixing facilities - from a lightweight, stylish belt-pack which has a tough, high impact weather proof casing with up to 12 hours battery life.

“The Clear-Com FreeSpeak wireless comms are an essential tool in making our large scale productions hassle free,” commented James.

“Our system includes 1 x FreeSpeak 10 base station, 1 x MS232 base station, 6 x FreeSpeak belt-packs, 12 x RS601 belt-packs, and 4 x active antennas.”

James reports that there have not been any problems with radio interference despite the fact that the FreeSpeak has been used on some very large shows.

“Some of the shows have used heaps of movement with RF and there have been no problems whatsoever,” he noted. “It’s been in use nearly every day and it’s never interfered with other equipment such as the performers wireless microphones.”

Clear-Com FreeSpeak is a digital wireless system integrated with a digital intercom matrix and is able to serve very large systems through a cellular network of active antennae. Flexible and scalable, Clear-Com FreeSpeak can work in complex locations, where line-of-sight communications are not practical.

Clear-Com FreeSpeak is available from Jands .