Jands  Vista lighting control software was originally released in 2004 to offer a new approach for constructing light shows.  

The new Vista 2 Byron release of the lighting control application is an advanced version that introduces a true second generation of software and is currently being beta tested by a select group of people.

The lighting crew at Brisbane City Church has been a long-time Vista user and is part of the beta test program.  

The City Church team executes two shows every Sunday to a congregation of up to 2000 people at the Bowen Hills auditorium.

Though a non-professional in lighting control, Scott Bernoth, one of the Church’s longest serving lighting volunteers finds the Jands Vista application easy to use with its highly user-friendly visual interface.  

The visual interface along with the timeline approach made Vista the standout choice when the Church purchased production equipment for their new auditorium in 2006.  

After hearing about the impending release of Byron, he was so anxious to begin using it that he managed to persuade Alex Mair, Jands Lighting Control Specialist to include him in the beta testing program.  

Scott says that they use a basic rig that is supplemented for special events. After only a few weeks of testing, they switched to using Vista 2 Byron to control all their services.  

Some of the features he likes in the new Vista 2 Byron include the ability to customise the interface using window themes as well as the drop-down default timing bar in the fixture chooser that saves time.  

Scott loves the flexibility of the effects engine, particularly the ability to create multi-step swing effects.

When operating the lights during a Worship Service, Scott said that his favourite feature was the sync button that allowed tap timing control of smart effects rates.

Additionally, the new interface is so intuitive that there is no need to train any new member in Byron’s operation.  

Scott says that Jands has incorporated several suggestions from users during the development of the beta Vista 2 Byron software.  

Key features of Jands Vista 2 Byron: 

  • Builds on the visual approach with key features including zero-configuration, automatic networking and tracking backup that synchronises a second console or PC
  • Second-generation timeline provides visual split fade times, a per-step timing structure for instantly setting fade and delay times for some or all of the events in a step
  • Extended generic fixture model allows limitless use of non-standard or overlapping features and adapts to all types of new and unusual fixtures
  • New user interface reflects user feedback with in-built search functions and provides a visual method of controlling media servers
  • New matrix layouts and effects
  • Command line window accepts keypad input for frequently used commands
  • Free to existing users of the Vista program