Ben Cobham, a lighting designer with design firm Bluebottle set up a lighting rig for the Madeleine production that also consisted of an ETC Source Four Revolution lighting fixture.

The theatrical production of Madeleine was held at the North Melbourne Town Hall, and Bluebottle was responsible for lighting designs and set designs.  

As lead designer for the project, Ben Cobham had an entire team of people providing inputs into the final design outcome.  

The lighting rig consisted of a total of 33 fixtures including incandescent strip integrated within the set, standard theatrical fixtures such as profiles, fresnels and a few scrollers as well as an ETC Source Four Revolution lighting fixture.  

The lighting design was unobtrusively integrated within the minimalist set that included a large green marmoleum floor with a large blonde timber table and six matching stools.

Saturated colour shifts were used to locate time and space with the floor surface and table top acting as a blank canvas manipulated by light.  

The ETC Source Four Revolution fixture mounted above the large table situated down stage centre was crucial to Ben’s lighting design.    

According to Ben, the ETC Source Four Revolution was shuttered very tightly and they could use all the functions to produce several effects including strong colour shifts, which were visible during the performance.  

The electronic lighting control fixture was also used to crop particular parts of the table as required and to follow performers from above like an overhead dome.

A key advantage was the quiet operation offered by the Source Four Revolution lighting fixture, an important factor in theatre productions.  

Featuring a tungsten-based lamp, ETC Source Four Revolution has a simple front-mounted scroller that keeps colour 100% accurate with other fixtures in the rig.  

Ben concludes by saying that the Source Four Revolution is similar to a conventional theatrical fixture with added features that make it ideal for theatrical applications. 

ETC Source Four Revolution is available from Jands , a leading Australian distributor of lighting systems, audio systems and stage equipment.