Stage and Audio Event Solutions was commissioned to upgrade the audio system in the sports facility at the Tannum Sands State High School in Queensland.

The existing sound system in the multipurpose sports facility was found inadequate for their needs. Ryan Hocking, Technical Consultant and Operator at Stage and Audio Event Solutions installed JBL CBT Series line array columns with Constant Beamwidth Technology. The JBL CBT Series is a technically advanced range of speakers that outperforms similar models in the market with great sound and user-friendly operation.

Stage and Audio Event Solutions have been using several JBL speakers in their hire stock and are confident about their reliability and great sound. They were equally convinced about the capabilities of the JBL CBT range, especially the speakers’ ability to deliver great coverage to suit the venue. Additionally, the CBT speakers provide line array coverage and clarity at a more affordable cost.

Ryan installed four CBT 70J-1 and two CBT 70JE-1 speakers evenly spaced along one side of the facility.

To test the CBT speakers after installation, Ryan plugged his phone into the system to play some music and was completely impressed with the sound quality. He said the system sounded like a 12” horn with an 18” sub underneath, and had amazing clarity.

Four Crown CDi amplifiers power the JBL CBT audio system while the wireless microphones consist of eight Shure BLX systems, complete with eight handhelds, lapels and receivers, all delivering professional quality sound, with the user-friendly operation enabled by a simple setup and an intuitive interface.

Ryan comments that they were amazed with the easy setup and synchronisation. The crystal clear sound is delivered up to 40 metres without using any external aerials. The robust construction of the audio system will help withstand the rough use at the school. He said the brackets on the speakers eliminate the need to put cages around them for protection against accidental knocks.

Ryan also supplied a Jands PDS 12 power distribution system to convert three phase to single phase GPO power distribution as well as a Jands Vista dongle to control a wall mounted dimmer.

Feedback from the school has been positive about the installed sound system.