The Australian Institute of Music (AIM) recently selected 2 Jands ETC Element lighting control consoles for installation at the Pilgrim Theatre Sydney to replace the Jands 48 channel ESP, as well as at their multipurpose 220 seat auditorium in Foveaux Street replacing a Theatrelight Scenemaster 24.

ETC Element lighting control consoles have been designed specifically for modest rigs and maximum hands-on fader control. These systems are based on ETC’s Eos control operating consoles but with a simplified feature set in an all in one package, and many features that facilitate the use of moving lights and programmable LED fixtures.

Peter Loader, Technical Manager at AIM comments on the training day that Jands conducted; “All the students and teachers that attended felt confident that they could operate and program the Element after the event. The Jands guys delivered a great teaching session which gave us all the confidence to be able to operate the consoles well."

“The students love that they can record their programming steps in their show and then come back maybe three weeks later and replay it, or get any other student to run it just by pressing ‘GO’. So they programme their cues with the house rig and then they can come back at any time and operate it quickly and simply.”

"The ETC Element saves staff a lot of time setting up each production by being able to recall programming or store programs without the threat of loosing any programmed work,” says Peter.

With 40 channels that operate just like the JL24, the ETC Element control consoles can be used both as a manual desk on live or for programming up a show. Theatre students can program up their recitals and save cues whilst contemporary students can take advantage of the desk manually.