James Richardson Corporation  has been in the furniture trade for over half a century and has a collection of contract chairs for a wide variety of applications. The furniture range under the JR/SIT collection comprises chairs for restaurants, hotels, pubs, cafes, corporate offices, educational institutions, functions and events, government, clubs, gaming zones, residential areas and designer markets.

Some of the manufacturers are Altek, Arrmet, Pedrali, Daniel Paul, Piavel, ISEA Baggio, Tonon, SedieFriuli, Alma, JDS and Ton. The different types of products include chairs, armchairs, lounges, stools, bases and tables for both indoor and outdoor usage. Some popular models of chairs offered by James Richardson Corporation include the Trianon, Vienna, Tonster, Kew Stacking, Perla, Princess, Commodore, Delphi, Direttorio, Finland, Caribbean, Berlin and Cambridge models.

Various types of bases like standard, dual, stepped disc and bar models are also offered by James Richardson Corporation. Outdoor furniture offered includes teak tables, Havana coffee tables, fusion settings and Munich high bars.

Under the JR/SIT range, James Richardson Corporation offers efficient filling and storage solutions and furniture for specific workplace areas like conference rooms, receptions, canteens and breakouts. In addition, James Richardson Corporation also offers work stations, free standing and integrated desks, executive furniture, dividers and storage cabinets.