A new innovation from James Hardie Wall & Floor Products is helping builders reduce project execution time without impacting build quality or safety. John, who has over 50 years in the construction industry, chose the HardieSmart intertenancy wall system for a recent multi townhouse project, helping him speed up the work while meeting all design objectives.

Building fire rated intertenancy walls is a time-consuming process as it involves working with bricks. Though John has always chosen double-brick construction with a fire rated lining as the best solution for similar applications, he decided to utilise the HardieSmart intertenancy wall system instead in this project to save time and avoid postponing a long overdue family holiday.

John was introduced to the HardieSmart intertenancy wall system at a builders’ breakfast where he got talking to the James Hardie team. The HardieSmart intertenancy wall system is a fire rated solution that takes less time to install, and does not compromise on safety standards.

According to John, he will definitely be considering the HardieSmart intertenancy wall system during the design phase for future projects, especially since he will be getting his fire rated walls built in half the time it would normally take for a double brick construction.

James Hardie recommends their building product innovation for speeding up construction without falling short on quality and project outcomes, helping construction companies remain business competitive.