Issey Sun Shade Systems supplied vertical shading solutions to Cook Apartments in Brisbane to reduce heat, glare and UV radiation.

A residential high rise building, Cook Apartments engaged Issey to help reduce the direct sunlight penetrating and heating up the interiors of the residential spaces. Although Queensland experiences some beautiful weather, the summer creates hot, stifling living areas that become unusable when not shaded properly. In addition to the direct blast of the intense summer sun, the apartments also had to bear the strong glare of the bright winter sun. 

Both the outdoor balcony areas as well as the interior living spaces needed protection from the sun’s heat and glare without restricting the residents’ views.

Issey’s Vertiroll tensioned screen was selected for installation at the Cook Apartments complex. The vertical shading systems are fitted with a mesh fabric that blocks the majority of heat, glare and UV rays without impacting the view or entry of light. 

The Issey Vertiroll tensioned screens have been installed at the balcony’s edge creating a comfortable and protected outdoor space for year-round use while reducing the heat build-up inside the apartments.