Issey Sun Shade Systems was commissioned to create an effective shading solution for a popular Melbourne restaurant’s outdoor dining area.

Jackson Clements Burrows, a Melbourne based architectural firm was hired by Punch Lane Wine Bar, a popular restaurant in the heart of Melbourne to design a stylish sun and space solution for its outdoor dining area. 

The restaurant owners sought a unique, dynamic and flexible way to enclose their outdoor dining area situated on a narrow footpath in a busy traffic zone. The owners wanted to protect customers dining outdoors from the harsh sun and cold winds. The owners also desired to align the functional objectives of the restaurant shading solution with a stylish and vibrant design. 

The architects from Jackson Clements Burrows decided to incorporate Issey’s sun shading systems into their award-winning design to create such an environment.

Three Issey Laguna folding arm awnings were installed, two measuring 2.95m x 1.5m, and one measuring 2.25m x 1.5m to provide a retractable, effective overhead cover.

Two Issey Vertiroll tensioned screens, each measuring 2.95m x 2.4m were installed to create a vertical wind break and a barrier between the street and the wine bar's dining experience.

Both Issey screens were fitted with a Soltis see-through fabric so that the bar clientele could enjoy the activity of the street while feeling shielded and separated, enabling relaxation and enjoyment of their meals. For added interest the fabric was printed on to create a stunning, eye-catching effect.

The Issey shading systems effectively block the sun's uncomfortable glare and harmful UV rays, as well as offer protection from the strong breezes that can make outdoor dining frustrating.

The Laguna and Vertiroll provide optimal sun protection as well as advertising for the restaurant with the striking, unique design and vibrant colours of the blinds serving as a landmark on the street.

Issey’s shading systems are also retractable, eliminating any hassle in putting them away for the night. Both the Laguna and Vertiroll retract into slimline headboxes at the touch of a button. The headbox also protects the shade from weathering and prolongs the life of the system. Once retracted, the blinds are also protected from vandals, ensuring the systems remain untarnished and maintain their fresh look.

With Issey's sun shading solutions, the Punch Lane Wine Bar achieved an outdoor seating area, with protection from sun, wind, traffic and a busy, narrow footpath.

The awnings and blinds act as a piece of robust street furniture, adding character and modern design to an already vivacious part of the city.