Issey Sun Shade Systems was hired by the owners of an upscale home in Sydney’s prestigious suburb of Vaucluse on three separate occasions to supply sun shade systems.

The couple living in Sydney’s beautiful waterside area of Vaucluse called on Issey three times to solve their multiple sun problems in various areas of their home.

The clients were looking for sun shades as a means of blocking heat and glare from their home, while preserving the filtration of natural light; a sun solution that would maintain the style and beauty of their residence; and blinds for their home theatre, as well as to provide a privacy function in several rooms of the home.

The first order involved the installation of two Issey Verasun glass roof awnings, measuring a total of 7.2m x 2.6m. These systems provide overhead shade for the home’s balcony pergola, protecting the interior from heat, glare and damaging UV rays.

An Issey Blackout was also installed in the home theatre, measuring 3.2m x 2.4m and offering the home theatre 100% darkness for the enjoyment of television and videos during the day, without the glare of the sun reflecting off the TV screen. 

Five internal blinds were installed, four measuring 2.2m x 3.2m and one measuring 1.9m x 1m to provide privacy and light control within the house.

During Issey’s second job, an Issey Laguna folding arm awning, measuring 9.3m x 3m was installed to protect against the uncomfortable heat that was affecting the outdoor patio area. The Laguna shields against glare and heat, while extending the living area and providing a shady outdoor haven.

The third project involved the installation of two Unicom drop arm awnings, each measuring 3.7m x 1.2m to provide shade to an outdoor balcony, as well as a large window in the living room. The Unicoms block low sun in the afternoon, allowing for protection from afternoon heat in the home.

The multiple Issey products used on the Vaucluse home solved various sun problems with effective, sophisticated solutions.

Each sun system blends seamlessly into the façade of the house, adding style and value to an already beautiful home, and also works well with each other.