Recently on display at DesignEX 2010, the Issey Flyloc retractable zip screen, from Issey Sun Shade Systems , is an ideal blackout, shade and insect screening solution for domestic and commercial applications.

Windows, covered balconies, verandahs and pergolas can provide fresh air, enjoyable views and outdoor spaces for entertainment and relaxation, however the potential of these areas is often not realised as they become unusable when combined with the harsh Australian sun, constant breezes, and nasty flies and mosquitoes.

The Issey Flyloc retractable zip screen provides the ultimate in external shading whilst doubling as a barrier against insects. An innovative reinvention of the common fixed flyscreen, the Issey Flyloc retractable zip screen is a proven and tested product concept. The fabric is locked inside the specially designed track, which prevents the entry of unwanted insects or light into the area.

The Issey Flyloc retractable zip screen is available with a wide range of polyester fabric choices to suit every unique situation. Screen fabric in 86%, 90%, 92%, 93%, and 96% grades block out the majority of heat, glare and UV while allowing views to be maintained. Alternatively, blackout fabric provides night time conditions on demand and can optimise a single room for multiple uses. Blackout fabric has a three layer sandwhich that is UV resistant, fire resistant and anti-static.

The Issey Flyloc is an elegant and ubobtrusive system that can be retracted into its slimline headbox when not in use. The range of available headbox sizes and the choice of guide systems allows for use over multiple applications, such as:

  • windows and doors
  • balconies and verandahs
  • cafes and restaurants
  • home theatres
  • presentation rooms
  • bedrooms; and
  • surgeries.

The aluminium framework of these retractable zip screens is available in all standard Dulux and Interpon powder coating colours, and Issey Flyloc screens are custom built to fit individual size and application specifications.

Furthermore, this Australian designed and manufactured product is constructed from recyclable products and promotes sustainable living through low energy consumption.