Issey Sun Shade Systems supplied its tensioned screen systems for a commercial project at Darling Harbour's King Street Wharf in Sydney to protect shops on the busy strip from the harsh sun.

The diversified Multiplex Group has been involved with many major projects such as the Telstra Stadium and BankWest Tower in Perth. After buying Darling Harbour's King Street Wharf in Sydney, the development team knew that they would need effective sun shading to block the harsh afternoon sun reflecting off the water.

The wharf development team hired Issey to solve the sun problem facing the western side of the trendy new strip where they planned cafes, restaurants and bars. The west facing ground and first floor shops would experience harsh heat and glare from the sun in the afternoon.

This area needed external blinds to effectively block heat and glare, while being robust enough to withstand the strong harbour breezes experienced by the shopfronts. In addition to function, the shades needed to look stylish in the chic surroundings of Sydney's famous Darling Harbour.

Issey offered its Vertiroll tensioned screens to effectively block sun, uncomfortable glare, and harmful UV rays. The Vertiroll’s robust construction allows it to act as a wind-break for breezier areas, such as waterfronts. Permanent tracks and a weighted bottom bar help hold the system in place.

When fitted with the Soltis 86 see-through fabric, patrons can still enjoy the beautiful harbour views without being affected by the harsh heat and glare, or harbour breezes.

In addition to addressing all functional requirements, the Vertiroll system also meets the aesthetic expectations of the client with the fabric on each screen in orange or white for a vibrant, eye-catching style. The powder-coating on each system was also matched to the modern metal architecture.

Twenty-four Issey Vertirolls were used on the wharf strip, each measuring 3.4m x 3m, all featuring remote control operation and wind sensors.

The remote control operation allows shop owners to individually extend or retract the motorised sun shade according to their needs. At the end of the day, they can simply push a button and the screen disappears into its streamlined headbox, making closing time a cinch.

The unobtrusive headbox protects the screen when the system is not in use, prolonging the life of the system and keeping the fabric looking new and vibrant. The shade’s wind sensors act as a safety function, automatically retracting the system when the wind conditions are too strong.

With Issey's sun shading solutions, the King Street Wharf strip achieved effective sun control with a stylish flair. The bright fabric colour is an eye-catching landmark amongst the already striking modern architecture, adding to the trendy sophistication of Darling Harbour.

After over five years of use the sunshades have not required any repair or maintenance.