Issey Sun Shade Systems supplied multiple sun shading systems to the owners of a newly constructed City Beach residence to control the sun coming through the generous windows while still maintaining the breath-taking views.

One of Perth’s most popular swimming, surfing and fishing beaches, City Beach is located north of the Perth CBD, and boasts a spectacular coastline with beautiful homes taking advantage of the panoramic ocean scenery.

The home owners of the City Beach residence approached Issey for a shading solution that would control the entry of the morning and evening sun through their windows facing east and west.

Although the owners wanted relief from the sun’s intense glare, they did not want to compromise their inspiring panoramic ocean views.

In the bedrooms, the owners required blinds that would eliminate the outside light completely and create an atmosphere ideal for getting a restful sleep.

Issey installed 14 internal blinds consisting of six manual and eight automatic models. The automatic blinds are conveniently operated via remote control letting the home owners manage the entry of sunlight at the touch of a button.

The owners chose a Soltis 86 screen fabric in a charcoal colour for the main living areas of the home. The openness factor of 14% allows the screen to offer high visibility while still maintaining an 86% UV block out factor. Issey encouraged the owners to choose the charcoal colour as darker screen colours allow for greater visibility without compromising their view.

In the bedrooms, a 100% block out fabric in a cream colour was installed for the residents to have a sound sleep.