Issey Sun Shade Systems provided an effective sun shading solution to a WA home owner who faced a sun and heat problem from the skylight in her home. Issey has expertise in providing aesthetically pleasing sun control solutions for architectural features on modern homes.

Located in Booragoon, Western Australia, the home featured a large pitched skylight in the centre, exposing the interior space to a great deal of sunlight and heat. The residents sought to block the sun’s glare and cool their home more effectively while still being able to utilise the natural light provided by the skylight. The sun shading solution also needed to blend well with the style of the modern home.

However, the skylight on the home presented an installation challenge as the glass could not have pressure placed upon it. Issey installers would have to find a method to install the sun shading system from above the window.

The solution was to use Issey Verasun glass roof awnings. Featuring a headbox at the top with permanent tracks on either side that follow the framework of the skylight, the awning retracts the fabric back and forth and places it under constant tension to keep it taut.

Individually measuring 3.985m x 3.9m, but spanning a total area of 7.97m x 3.9m on either side of the pitched skylight, the Issey Verasun systems are fitted with Sunworker see-through fabric to block out the heat and glare, while allowing for the soft natural light to filter through.

Issey decided to use a 42m cherry picker to install the glass roof awnings. The systems are motorised and equipped with wind and sun sensors for simple operation and peace of mind. The sensors detect when the window needs shade, and when the conditions are too windy for the system to be extended.

Issey installers worked carefully to install the sun shade systems on the fragile glass skylight. Standing atop the 42m cherry picker and using the surrounding roof, the installers secured each Verasun to the window’s framework.

Issey’s sun shading systems provide the client with the required heat and sun protection. The systems are retractable and motorised for ease of operation, allowing for optimal solar protection at the touch of a button.

The slimline headbox on each of the Verasun systems protects against weathering, prolongs the life of each awning and complements the architectural look of the building.

Thanks to Issey’s intelligent design and capable installation team, the client’s home achieved a sun shading system to control heat and glare, and block harmful UV rays.

With the retractable Verasun system, they can simply retract the blind when more visible light or winter warmth is required. When the system is extended, the home is significantly cooler and relieved of uncomfortable glare, while soft natural light is still able to filter through.

Issey Verasun glass roof awnings combine the functional requirements of the house with aesthetic sophistication to successfully meet the challenges of the project.