Issey Sun Shade Systems supplied their fabric tension system (FTS) for the large barrel vaulted dome skylight at the Westcentre Complex in West Perth.

Issey was called on to provide an effective, customised sun solution at the Perth shopping centre, which was experiencing extreme heat and glare through the large skylight above its food court. The sun was beating down on the vaulted dome skylight in the centre's ceiling, causing the food area in the arcade below to be uncomfortably hot and bright for both staff and patrons.

Issey was hired to find a method of shading the large scale skylight without completely shutting out the natural light that the skylight provided for the centre.

Eight FTS shades measuring 8m x 4m were required to cover the span of the skylight. The FTS savvy, dual-motor, retractable awnings stop the sun before it hits the glass to warm up the interior of the centre. However, the awning’s taut see-through fabric allows for the entry of beautiful natural light without glare, heat and harmful UV radiation. The fabric also allows for visibility through the dome, maintaining the arcade's open feeling.

The FTS’ two motors keep the fabric extra tight for optimal sun protection, specifically around the uniquely shaped skylights. The FTS shades were fitted close to the skylight glass to ensure maximum protection even when the sun was at a low angle. A minimal gap was maintained to allow evacuation of hot air trapped between the glass and fabric, efficiently reducing the temperature of the interior space.

The systems also resist high winds and are fully retractable, allowing for complete retraction into the sleek, discreet headboxes, which also act as a shield for the system, prolonging the life of the awning.

Fitted with sun and wind sensors, the awnings operate intelligently, automatically extending when the sun gets too intense, and retracting when the wind is too strong, or the sun has relented, requiring less shade for the window.

As an FTS awning expert, Issey was able to install the systems flawlessly onto the centre's large scale skylight, delivering an efficient solution to solve the heat and glare issue troubling the centre's staff and customers.

With the FTS awnings professionally installed for the centre's specific shading needs, customers can now comfortably dine in the food court, and the food court staff can work without the sun's extreme heat and glare shining through.