Issey Sun Shade Systems provided an effective sun shade solution to a Sydney-based rowing club that was facing sun and wind problems on their new waterfront balcony.

Following a renovation, St George Rowing Club in Arnecliff, NSW had a new waterfront balcony that was exposed to a lot of heat and glare from the sun, as well as harbour breezes. The rowing club sought a sun shade solution from Issey that would provide heat, glare and wind protection for patrons dining or relaxing outdoors.

With its water views and beautiful natural light, the rowing club wanted to take advantage of the new outdoor dining area. However, patrons faced extreme discomfort sitting outside with no protection from the sun's heat, glare and UV radiation. The area also experienced waterfront breezes that made dining difficult.

In addition to sun and wind protection, the club wanted a sun shade that suited the modern renovation and optimised the balcony's new space by meeting all the functional requirements while also being unobtrusive and allowing patrons to enjoy the views while dining.

Eleven Issey Vertiroll tension screens were supplied to the club as an effective sun shade solution. Vertiroll tension screens act as retractable sun shades for the club's balcony with their straight drop awnings protecting patrons sitting on the balcony from heat, glare and harmful UV radiation.

Measuring 3.4m x 3.4m, the tension screens are also fitted with a see-through fabric to allow for natural light to penetrate. The patrons and guests of the rowing club are allowed unimpeded views of the beautiful waterfront while being shielded from the sun's harsh heat.

The Vertiroll screens also resist wind with their weighted bottom bar, which prevents the shade from flapping. They stop low sun, but allow air movement to prevent stagnant heat build-up within the protected area.

Issey staff professionally installed the sun shade systems and created the comfortable dining area that the St. George Rowing Club hoped to achieve.

Free of complicated cords and pulleys, the Vertiroll tension screens operate via a motorised system, which allows the shades to retract into their slimline headboxes at the touch of a button. The headbox not only stores the shade when not in use, but protects it from weathering, prolonging the life and fresh look of the system.

Issey provided the client with a sun solution that effectively solved their sun and wind problems. Club members and guests now comfortably enjoy relaxing and dining on the rowing club's waterfront balcony without the uncomfortable effects of the sun and wind.

The sun shade systems also blend seamlessly into the facade of the club. The systems were fitted with stainless steel guide tracks for a customised look that accentuated the style of the club's architecture.