ISPS Innovations introduces a new level of customisation for splashbacks using its unique DigitalART printing process.

The DigitalART printed splashbacks are stunning high gloss and high heat polymer panels suitable for a broad range of commercial and residential applications, especially in wet areas, shop displays, kitchens and showers, and even outdoor areas with UV coating.

DigitalART printed splashbacks are supplied with optional GripTek backing, which eliminates the unsightly wear of silicone marks or delaminating of coatings once the panels are mounted to the wall.

The DigitalART process

The DigitalART printed splashback process begins with the customer purchasing an image from ISPS’ photographer or using their own image. ISPS will then produce the DigitalART splashback or wall panel and deliver it to the customer.

DigitalART printed splashbacks and wall panels can be delivered with a 14-18 workday turnaround to NSW, SA, VIC and QLD; and 21-28 days in WA, NT, North QLD and TAS.

About DigitalART printed splashbacks

Business and home owners can bring projects to life by using their own images for a personalised look.

The GripTek backing eliminates problems such as silicone bleeding, tape shadows, bulging lines and coating delamination among others, ensuring long term peace of mind for the end user. Instead of the GripTek backing, a light can be placed behind the infused image to create an attractive display.

DigitalART is placed on Bonethane for outdoor displays and is great for business advertising. Bonethane is a unique material that can be cut, drilled or planed without splitting or cracking, bringing speed and precision to the end user. High gloss Bonethane has a glass-like appearance; satin look is also available for this range.

There is no minimum order quantity on colour. ISPS can produce samples for commercial orders and meet any requirement of corporate colours specified by architects or designers.

DigitalART printed splashbacks are affordable and easy to clean using soap and water.

The customisation flexibility allows customers to create DigitalART splashbacks to their exact requirements and design preferences.