ISM Object works with a series of design industries to bring  ideas to reality, the Sparks collection offers an innovative selection of  contemporary lighting solutions for architects, designers, specifiers and lighting specialists. The Sparks project creates a platform for the realisation and production of fresh ideas and products.

It aims to bridge the gap between the creative talents of independent designers and the shortfalls in the manufacturing sector; both facilitating the process and providing an outlet for individual products suited to multiple production. The outcome, a collection of distinctive products that adds to ISM’s expanding stable of lighting solutions and, at the same time, champions both independent designers and the Australian manufacturing industry. 

ISM Sparks design collaborations Designers currently working within the Sparks project include Melbourne’s  Daniel Barbera, Trent Jansen, German design duo Zinke Carpenter and design luminary Chris Connell. Each collaboration is individually negotiated to accommodate the specific requirements for the production of each piece. 

ISM initially worked with Daniel Barbera to extend production of his Shady Floor Lamp. The company subsequently commissioned him to expand the Shady range to include table, wall and pendant models, all of which have been introduced over the last two years with the most recent addition being the Shady Multi-Pendant. Zinke and Carpenter presented their prototype for the Iro pendant at Milan’s Salon Satellite exhibition in 2005.ISM licensed the design and sourced suitable Australian manufacturers for the components to establish production. Meanwhile, financial support for the two year design development process saw Trent Jansen’s concept for the Topple Lamp become a commercial reality. Working with Chris Connell, the original designer of a custom product within the ISM portfolio, the Kapelo Lamp was the result of a major redesign. This spring sees the addition of the Kapelo Floor Lamp to complement the earlier Table and Bedside Lamps. The project will continue to support independent designers; initiating further collaborations to realise Australia’s design talent, support local manufacture and ultimately bring new lighting products to market. 

Simon Christopher, ISM Objects Director and co-founder of the ISM Sparks project explains: “Australia has a wealth of design talent but unfortunately it is often unrealised. Many designers end up applying themselves off-shore, working with overseas manufacturers. Through the Sparks project, we hope to harness some of this talent and partner it with local manufacturers. “The nature of the project is to grow it organically. As such we are  exploring new collaborations to expand the Sparks collection and keep making locallymade products that suit the buildings, interiors and lifestyles of Australians.”