According to Dalsouple Australasia , rubber kitchen flooring isn't just for commercial kitchens anymore.

Kitchens are a good area to install rubber flooring as it is slip-resistant and easy to clean after spills and accidents that often occur in the kitchen.

Kitchens experience high levels of foot traffic and different activities, making rubber flooring ideal. Rubber flooring has non-slip qualities that are great for the kitchen environment where liquid and grease spills can occur.

Dalsouple rubber flooring is available in wide range of colors and shapes in order to make an individual statement.

Dalsouple rubber flooring is made from natural rubber.

A recent Sydney customer said: “My rubber floor is one of my favourite things about my house. We are very happy we decided to use Dalsouple natural rubber for the kitchen, pantry, hall and laundry floors. It feels great under foot and is kinder on the legs when working in the kitchen than other surfaces. It receives lots of positive comments from friends, and is very easy to keep looking good.”