Available from iRubber Pty Ltd , Endura rubber flooring is a highly durable range of floor products designed to offer functional, aesthetic and environmental benefits.  

Manufactured in the USA and used worldwide in thousands of commercial, institutional and industrial facilities,

Endura natural rubber flooring has been installed in universities, offices, schools and retail stores in Australia. Endura rubber floor tiles have a unique rubber formulation that increases slip resistance and reduces noise from footfall.

The built-in waxes in these high quality rubber flooring products maintain the natural lustre, eliminating the need to wax or strip the floor for the length of its life.

Key features of Endura rubber floors:

  • Slip resistance and noise reduction properties
  • Available in 20 standard colours
  • R10 slip rated textures
  • Available in any Pantone colour with minimum order of 90m²
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • 10-year warranty 
  • Can be recycled at the end of its life