Dalsouple Australasia (trading under iRubber Pty Ltd ) supplied over 2500m² of rubber tiles for installation at the 6-star Green star rated Macquarie Bank nearly four years ago.
The designers chose bright colours of orange, green, grey and Pantone blues from Dalsouple’s rich palette of 80 standard colours.
Dalsouple rubber floors are a range of high quality flooring made in France with rubber tapped from Malaysian rubber trees. The DalNaturel range has also been tested in Australia as having one of the lowest VOCs on the market.
Dalsouple’s rubber flooring is easy to maintain, R10 slip resistant, comfortable to walk on and ideal for use especially in kitchenette areas as the floor is impervious to liquid. Dalsouple natural rubber flooring comes with a 10-year guarantee.
Dalsouple natural rubber flooring meets the needs of customers seeking an environment-friendly product for their floors. The product is also ideal for homeowners who demand high quality and durability for their kitchen and bathroom floors. Dalsouple can be recycled at the end of its life.