An Australian company, Dalsouple Australasia, has launched marine grade rubber onto the Australian market called Dalsouple Marine Grade DMG.

Used worldwide on large ships such as passenger vessels, ocean liners, ferries, cruisers, pleasure boats through to patrol boats, naval warships and submarines, Dalsouple rubber has definitely been getting its feet wet, very wet in this industry.

Supplied to the boat builders and to luxury launch manufacturers, the high quality rubber flooring is manufactured in the heart of the ever green Loire Valley in France.
Imported by Dalsouple Australasia’s Melbourne office, the product has had noticeable publicity and industry wide recognition, in winning a Dulux colour award (2006).

Vessel designers have gone overboard specifying Dalsouple as the product of choice in their concept design works to make their craft and flooring and wall surfaces. It is now recognized as being a good rubber flooring product which complies to IMO standards. 

Used in galley ways, companion ways, cabins, heads, bridges and even decks, the quiet luxury of tactile soft and quiet flooring is making its presence seen, felt, but not heard. With its acoustic deadening qualities, Dalsouple rubber flooring effectively helps to reduce noise pollution, by creating a barrier to reduce the ever present sounds and vibrations in boats and cabins.

Added anti-slip quality of Dalsouple DMG rubber is certainly the icing on the cake for a potential buyer’s decision. Dalsouple is a sustainable choice.

Serviceable for all marine environments and able to withstand the rough weathering conditions, Dalsouple Marine Grade (DMG) rubber flooring is available, now in over 32 colours, any quantity, any texture. MFR marine flame resistant to IMO Res MSC 61 (67), it meets all relevant fire regulations as well, DIN 51961, DIN 4102, M2, and BS4700.