DalRollo rollform rubber flooring available from Dalsouple Australasia was installed at Happy Paws Fitness, a dog day care centre in Sydney.

Installed in early 2011, the black DalRollo rubber flooring has delivered excellent results for the unique needs of the dog day care centre.

The DalRollo rubber floors are impervious to liquid and easy to clean, requiring simple vacuuming and damp mopping.

The anti-slip (R9) and comfort factors are ideal for the dogs who spend up to 12 hours at the centre.

Made from 13% natural rubber and the rest from SBR rubber, DalRollo rubber flooring systems are safe for animals as well as humans. A key advantage is that the rubber flooring can be recycled at the end of its life.

DalRollo rubber flooring is available in a choice of 16 basic solid colours and 16 terrazzo colours. The rubber flooring is available in rolls measuring 12m x 1.22m x 2mm.