DalLastic recycled rubber tiles from Dalsouple Australasia are made from EDPM rubber and are 500 by 500 millimetres each. They feature inbuilt connector anchors to connect to other rubber tiles to create a solid rubber flooring. A range of different thicknesses are available with 30 millimetres being the thinnest and 90 millimetres being the thickest which is recommended for children’s playground flooring. The rubber tiles are extremely heavy at approximately 7 kilograms each, but this makes them very tough and durable, and can be laid over a number of surfaces such as concrete and stones without the need for adhesive.

Dalsouple Australasia rubber flooring is a much more environmentally friendly choice that vinyl or PVC flooring as it does not release harmful CO2 emissions, uses recycled materials and sustainable raw materials, does not end up in landfill, and can be recycled when the flooring is no longer performing to its potential. DalLastic rubber tiles have a number of advantageous features including anti-allergy and anti-slip technology, waterproof, warm and soft underfoot, and safe for children and pets.