Iplex Pipelines Australia  was founded as Iplex Plastics in 1938. All manufacturing facilities of Iplex Pipelines Australia offer ISO 9002 quality assurance programs. Iplex Pipelines Australia is a specialist in manufacturing and supplying pipeline systems. It also keeps close association with various industry leaders round the globe to ensure customers with latest innovations.

Additionally, Iplex Pipelines Australia even carries out its own product and other related technological development in Australia and New Zealand to offers customer specific products. Iplex Pipelines Australia takes pride in its experienced pipeline engineers who provides advice covering pipeline design, supply and installation. In the plumbing and irrigation markets, Iplex Pipelines Australia manages a network of re-sellers and distributors providing easy access of their products throughout Australia.

Some of the water supply products supplied by Iplex Pipelines Australia are PVC-U Pressure pipes, PVC-M pipe, Biaxially oriented PVC, Polyethylene POLIplex pipe systems, Flowtite, Iplex Pro-Fit, Iplex K2TMPEX pipes and more. Iplex Pro-Fit are polybutylene hot and cold water plumbing systems offered in DN18 and DN22, which is fit for pressures up to 1600 kPa. Iplex Pipelines Australia further offers sewer products like DWV (sewer) pipe, Flowtite and SEWER MAX.