Iplex Pipelines Australia  is one of the leading maker and supplier of plastic pipeline systems in Australasia. Iplex manufactures pipeline systems ranging from 15 millimetres up to 3000 millimetres in diameter. These pipeline systems from Iplex Pipelines Australia can be used for various applications like sewerage, water supply, irrigation, plumbing, storm water, gas, electrical, telecommunications, mining and industrial purposes.

The manufacturing facilities of Iplex Pipelines Australia are located in most of the Australian State, Singapore and New Zealand. Iplex Pipelines Australia was established in 1938 as Iplex Plastics. Some of the advancements in Iplex Pipelines Australia since its inception include providing moulded PVC plumbing products, Blue Brute uPVC Pressure Pipes, dual hardness rubber ring joints, pro-fit polybutylene hot and cold water plumbing arrangement, Rhino modified PVC pressure pipes and HOBAS centrifugally cast GRP pipes. These major progresses in the pipeline industry led to the acceptance of plastics in pipelines.

All manufacturing plants and facilities of Iplex Pipelines Australia have ISO 9002 quality assurance programs. Quality Assurance Services (QAS) conducts frequent audits, which provides third party accreditation and confirm compliance with Quality Management Systems’ Standard.