As part of the national campaign to restore public confidence in the Korean economy, Korea First Bank (KFB) have restructured their management model to promote a more transparent and dynamic work culture.

This made their ostentatious furniture and overly large offices out of sync with their move towards creating a more modern and efficient organisation.

An interior makeover that is more reflective of their new corporate structure and one that can facilitate the staff’s transition into the new phase.

KFB’s design team chose a carpet of Antron Lumena and Antron Legacy nylon, available from Invista , for its virtually unlimited colour combinations and yarn textures.

Additionally, Antron nylon is engineered to offer maximum stain resistance, while providing enhanced soil hiding and soil release properties, ensuring that carpets of Antron look newer, longer.

The final result is a carpet of neutral shades, such as shell, taupe and khaki to complement the clean, dignified look of the new interior design.

Korea First Bank is pleased with their new modern look, which is enhanced by the refined and contemporary carpet design.

“The choice of the carpet as a key design element for the bank far exceeded our expectations,” said Young Baek Min of Min Associates.

“It helped us create a dynamic and modern environment, which is exactly what the client wanted to achieve.”