Antron Lumena carpet fibre, available from INVISTA , comes with a hollow square shape that is designed to resist soiling. In addition, its internal voids refract and diffuse light to reduce the effects of soiling.

Antron carpet fibre’s tighter molecular structure provides better resistance to liquid stains, better pile height retention and better resistance to matting, crushing and abrasive wear.

According to Shanghai Xian-Dai Design Group ECADI, they were impressed with the sustainability characteristics of Antron Lumena carpet fibre. Antron Lumena carpet fibre is third-party certified as an Environmentally Preferable Product by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS).

SCS awarded Antron Lumena carpet fibre EPP certification after concluding that it meets EPP requirements in the areas of product manufacturing, resource conservation, human health impacts, end-of-life responsibility and product performance. Antron Lumena carpet fibre has better soil resistance, stain resistance, and advanced fibre technology.