Orbit Design was engaged to develop a powerful upmarket design for the key client areas and presentation rooms to create the right impression and enhance the aesthetic experience for Dentsu’s clients.

It was also crucial that the surroundings reflected the company’s traditional Japanese heritage.

Thus briefed, Orbit Design worked on the interior makeover based on an elemental concept of earth, water and fire.

Using sleek and simple lines with furnishings consisting mainly of metal, wood and glass, the newly decorated office is a picture of Zen coolness and corporate efficiency.

In the end, it was down to the choice of flooring that bound the whole look together. To bring out the rich textures of the stylish leather and plastic chairs, the wood-panelled feature walls and glass panels, Orbit Design chose Antron Lumena solution dyed nylon, manufactured by INVISTA , to create a carpet that is as much a feature piece as the other design elements.

Because the Antron Lumena solution dyed colour line was developed to allow for a complete palette of colours – which come in a range of neutrals, as well as extensive hue families – the carpet was easily customised to enhance the surrounding décor.

The final result is carpeting that features soothing grey patterned swirls, combined with strong blocks of neutrals that accentuate the furnishings ideally. Clients who visit the office are treated to a visual feast that leaves a lasting impression.

Christopher Redpath of Orbit Design had this to say of Antron Lumena solution dyed fibre, “Besides looking fantastic, it provides outstanding stain and soil resistance, color retention and unsurpassed appearance retention, which are essential in high traffic areas.”

For the inspiring and innovative carpet design that won over not only Dentsu Thailand’s clientele, but also the judges of the 2001 Asia Antron Design Award, Thailand’s Orbit Design was chosen as the winner of the prestigious Corporate/Office Category award in 2001.