Invisi-Gard screens featuring fire rated stainless steel mesh maintained their integrity during a major building fire in Burwood NSW.

An early morning fire incident in late December 2013 at a karaoke bar on Burwood Road saw more than 40 firefighters and six fire-trucks working hard to put out the blaze, prevent further spread and rescue residents in the building. Residents of the boarding house next door were also evacuated early that morning.

Built to the relevant standards required to achieve the fire rating including the necessary CSR wall systems, the boarding rooms were also fitted with fixed Invisi-Gard screens containing fire rated 316 stainless steel mesh.

While one Invisi-Gard screen was completely damaged, it remained fixed to the building as the fire was put out prior to the screen reaching its ‘failing time’. However, further down the corridor where the fire was also evident, the Invisi-Gard screens remained as installed, though the glass on the windows had cracked.

Fire investigators observed that the temperature on the main damaged wall was in excess of 800°C as the fire started in the building directly below the most damaged Invisi-Gard screen. Had the fire penetrated into the building, the outcome could have been tragic for the 50-plus residents that lived there.

Following a visit to the site, CSR commented, "...the building had been incredibly built... to be exposed to such high heat and prevent the fire from entering the boarding rooms is credit to the builders – no short cuts were taken."

The building has now been rebuilt using Invisi fire attenuation screens.

Invisi-Gard Fabricator: PRW Window Services

Builder: DPM (Dynamic Project Management NSW)