The Queensland Government has announced a one-off Seniors and Accessibility Assistance of up to $5000 to help the community with home repairs or upgrades.

Announced as part of the Government’s services for Queenslanders affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Home Assist Secure has been temporarily enhanced to provide a one-off assistance of up to $5000 for larger home repairs or upgrades to improve home safety and security.

This initiative also aims to drive local opportunities for tradespeople and contractors across the state during this COVID-19 recovery period.

Repairs and upgrades can include electrical work (e.g. upgrading electrical safety boxes and smoke alarms to meet safety standards); plumbing works (e.g. to minimise water wastage, including replacement of hot water systems); building works to improve accessibility (e.g. building or repairing ramps and steps, improving driveway and property access); replacing unsafe floor coverings; installing internal stairs or chair lifts, and security doors and screens; major repairs (e.g. roofing repairs, guttering replacement, stump replacement and replacement of rotting timbers on floors and decks); and necessary modifications to kitchens and bathrooms.