Interpon Powder Coatings supplied a colourfast coating system for the redevelopment work carried out at Victoria’s Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne.

Built between 1928 and 1934 to honour those who served in the First World War, the Shrine’s design was inspired by the tomb of King Mausolus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The Shrine of Remembrance Trustees decided to develop the site further to ensure better access to the upper levels of the memorial, especially to benefit veteran visitors and also to improve overall visitor experience.

Executed by local Melbourne ARM Architecture, the Shrine’s renovation was completed in late 2014, with the redesign accommodating new requirements of the memorial, while respecting the original design by Hudson and Wardrop.

ARM Architecture was commissioned in 2001 to develop a master plan for the Shrine’s redevelopment. Basing their concepts on the original 1920s design, ARM proposed four symmetrical zig-zag shaped courtyards, allowing access to the undercroft spaces under the existing structure, which now house gallery areas, an auditorium, dedicated education rooms, an archive and offices. Stage 1 of the project saw the Visitor Centre and two of the courtyards completed on the north side of the structure in 2003. Stage 2 expanded the undercroft with the addition of the Education Centre and Galleries of Remembrance, and the final two courtyards.

ARM Design Architect Jeremy Stewart explained that it was important for each of the courtyards to have a distinct feel. The open air Student Entry Courtyard provides a separate entrance to the Shrine for school groups, with a large sculptural poppy, the flower of wartime remembrance, suspended overhead.

Since the colour red is notorious for fading on external structures, Interpon Powder Coatings recommended a colourfast system that would not only last the distance but also require minimal maintenance going forward. Working with Locker Group, HDM Metal, The Collmill Group, an experienced fabricator and Interpon Approved Applicators AAF Vic and Powdercoating Services ACT as exclusive warrantors provided further reassurance of product quality.

The giant overheard poppy was coated with Interpon D2015 Ultriva R15 Crimson Matt YG215A and its support structure with Interpon D2015 Ultriva Ebony YN201A. On the south west diagonal, the Terrace Courtyard features a lush green referencing South East Asian inspired garden. Amidst the greenery, laser cut aluminium panels coated in Interpon D2015 Ultriva R14 Waratah Matt YG222A list the names of Victorian towns, providing a reference point for visitors. The zig-zag shape of the walled courtyards infers irregular exposure to the sun, further emphasising the need for a product of premium quality.