Interpon Powder Coatings , leading distributor of paint and powder coatings, is pleased to introduce Interpon Steelplex; the first comprehensive powder coating corrosion protection warranty systems for the Australasian market. 

Interpon Steelplex refers to a collective group of warranty systems which could offer as much as fifteen years colour and integrity warranty and ten years corrosion protection.  

Features that determine the warranty include:

  • System chosen
  • Coating system used
  • Environment location of the coated parts; and
  • Substrate to be coated.   

The Steelplex powder coating corrosion protection warranty systems was designed by Interpon Powder Coatings in response to increasing needs in the industry to produce coating systems that are efficient, cost effective, and implement environmentally sustainable technologies. 

The main consideration during the rigorous development of Interpon Steelplex was to ensure that the system applied to conditions in Australia. 

Interpon believe that it is crucial to set a high standard in application guidelines in order to fully support the Steelplex warranty program.

Consequently Interpon conduct a comprehensive evaluation process and only issue accreditation to applicators who meet this strict criteria.