International Dynamics has released the Concerto Domus loudspeaker from Sonus Faber, which it describes as Italy’s most acclaimed maker of loudspeaker.

Based in Arcugnano, Italy, Sonus Faber loudspeakers enjoy critical acclaim throughout the world, with Sonus Faber models being regularly recommended by the world’s most prestigious audio journals.

Each Sonus Faber loudpeaker is reportedly hand crafted in the time honoured traditions normally associated with the production of fine music instruments such as hand selecting timbers, meticulous attention to detail and ultimate tuning by ear.

The Concerto Domus is intended to become a design classic in the tradition of the Sonus Faber models that preceded it. The design includes a speaker enclosure that is reminiscent of the shape of a lute, tapering to the rear so that the back panel of the speaker virtually disappears.

However, this shape is not just employed for this pleasing aesthetic, as Sonus Faber explains that “our lute shaped designed cabinets have the important feature of minimising the negative effects of standing wave resonances”.

The standard of finish prompted UK’s Hi Fi Choice magazine to describe it as “something truly special, from the timber selection and leather-clad baffle through the substantial binding posts at the rear.

The Concerto Domus is offered in two finishes, piano black or teak.