Clean lines, superior materials and future-proof digital technology – that’s what characterises Loewe’s new Xelos A 42 DR+ plasma TV featuring integrated electronics. Thanks to the new Loewe Digital+ platform, Image+ picture enhancement and high resolution HD plasma technology, Xelos A 42 DR+ offers a brilliant picture (1024 x 1024 pixels) with a visible screen diagonal of 106 centimetres in 16:9 widescreen format. Like nearly all Loewe TV sets with new display technologies and screen diagonals starting at 26 inches, Xelos A 42 DR+ can display images in outstanding high definition television (HDTV) quality and features a HDMI interface.

The trend towards large format plasma TVs continues. And with the Loewe Xelos A 42 DR+ you can already prepare for the television of the future – it has an exclusive Loewe hybrid DVB-T / analogue tuner integrated, allowing access to a wide range of programming in premium picture and sound quality. Loewe is the only company in the industry to offer such a wide and attractive range of TV sets featuring integrated receivers for digital television (DVB), a big step ahead of the competition. The new Loewe LCD TVs come from the factory equipped with an integrated digital decoder and an integrated digital terrestrial tuner (DVB-T) as well as a digital tuner for cable reception (DVB-C) – no other brand in the world offers this.

Equally pioneering is the digital High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) including the HDCP copy protect standard for high definition playback quality of digital picture and sound signals from a DVD player, DVD recorder or HDTV receiver. And the newly developed on-screen menu, the Loewe Dialog System, provides logical and intuitive operation thanks to its clearly arranged menu structure.

Innovative picture improvement technologies optimise the picture quality of Xelos A 42 DR+. Diagonal Contour Control (DCC) displays picture movements more fluidly and without the stair-step effect, making pictures and writing more detailed and sharper. Artificial shadows during light/dark transitions are eliminated thanks to the new Luminance Transition Improvement (LTI). The result is impressive and realistic images with natural colour reproduction and fascinating depth of focus.

The Xelos A 42 DR+ is available through International Dynamics