Available from Interloc Lockers , the Standard range of powdercoated steel lockers is economical and specifically designed for use in heavy duty or budget installations.

The Standard range of steel lockers is supplied in one size measuring 1800mm (H) x 370mm (W) x 450mm (D). Lockers can be supplied with one long door, two half sized doors (Dual Door) or four doors (Quad Door) depending on their use.

Each unit is freestanding to provide flexibility in design, allowing them to be placed side by side in any combination. The steel lockers are can either be fitted on adjustable plinths if the floor is uneven or directly on the floor if it is level.

The locker doors on all door combination models are have ventilation slots for ensure air flow.

Standard steel lockers feature secure and robust internals and can be supplied with either standard barrel locking with master key or with a padlock receptor.