Interloc Lockers ' locks range from the simple to the complicated. Each of the locks stocked by Interloc have specific applications and suit particular environments. Locks currently available from Interloc are as follows:

Barrel lock
These are key entry and ideal for moderate security installations with multiple users. All come with two keys. Master keys and barrel removal devices are also available on request.

Padlock receptor
Ideal for securing locker doors and any other single user applications. For example schools, offices, gyms and clubs.

Combination padlock
These are used with receptors.

Digital keypad
A keyless entry solution operated by any 4 digit code. The lock is self contained and powered by four AA batteries. Ideal for lockers.

Coin (return)
Tokens or coins are inserted into this secure mechanism releasing a key to the user. When the user has finished the key is retained in the lock and their coin is returned. Ideal for public area applications.

Coin (retain)
This system is similar to the coin (return) system except the coin is not returned to the user after they have finished. The coins are stored in a secure money bin for the owner to collect.