Interloc Lockers  has introduced a lock that allows a locker environment to be a completely keyless system.

The Electronic Digital Lock is operated by any 4-digit code. (Similar to a safe found in hotels, enabling different codes for each user).

The Electronic Digital Lock can be programmed, to either a fixed code or random code. Having a fixed 4-digit code for each lock is ideal for regular use, such as personal staff lockers.

While having the locks set to random code’s allows a different pin each time the locker is used, this being ideal for situations where different people will be using the lockers i.e. gymnasiums, aquatic centres, etc.

When Electronic Digital Locks are in use/occupied the lock will repetitively flash a blue light notifying other users to pick another locker that is free.

The Digital Keypad lock is completely self-contained, powered by 4 x AA batteries. Interloc Lockers recommends that the batteries be changed every 12 months or approximately after 7000 openings or closes.

When the batteries are low, the Electronic Digital Lock will beep like a smoke alarm to advise that the batteries are low and due for replacement.

In the event of someone forgetting their code / 4-digit pin, there is a master key supplied that will over-ride the current code to allow entry into the locker. Obviously, this master key would need to be kept secure, often in the hands of higher management.