Cabot's introduces the Deck Hand, an innovative new deck bucket specifically created to accommodate decking cleaners, finishes and applicators.

Perfect for DIYers seeking a hassle-free solution when refreshing their deck this summer, the Australian made Deck Hand ensures the process is effortless from start to finish, and includes special features specific to the two main steps of achieving a deck refresh - deck preparation and coating.

Deck preparation can be difficult, with household buckets not capable of fitting broom heads. To address this problem, the Deck Hand features a wide surface area suitable for broom heads while its 15L capacity ensures it’s also ideal for cleaning large areas. 

Also designed to assist with the coating process, the Deck Hand can hold 10L of Cabot’s Aquadeck without submerging the drainage tray, avoiding the need for messy shallow paint trays. The drainage tray allows users to pad off excess decking oil from applicators while guaranteeing that no decking oil is wasted with the excess draining back into the reservoir. 

Cabot’s Deck Hand also includes a place to rest the dry brush, wet brush and can opener, as well as an applicator pole support, which allows the user to rest their tools without tipping the bucket. The flip up drainage tray can be flipped down when undertaking deck preparation and flipped up in the coating phase. 

A pourer spout in the deck bucket ensures leftover product isn’t wasted when pouring it back into the can; handles have also been provided on the side for superior grip. The high sides of the bucket prevent splashing, keeping the mess under control. 

The Deck Hand is part of the complete range of easy decking solutions from Cabot’s.