Intergrain has introduced a new reformulated range of exterior timber finishes increasing the possibilities of timber projects and reducing turnaround time.

Introduced just in time for decking season, the new additions to Intergrain timber finishes include a market-changing stain, which highlights and accentuates the natural look of timber, and new, bigger sample-pot sizes ready for colour testing and small projects, helping to achieve the ultimate professional finish.

The extended Intergrain range has been reformulated utilising world-class technology and tested for Australian conditions to deliver top quality, long-lasting timber finishes to homeowners, renovators and DIY enthusiasts.

Intergrain UltraDeck and Intergrain NaturalStain timber finishes now include Hydroguard technology to provide superior dirt and dust resistance. The new formula allows application immediately after cleaning, even while the wood is still damp, eliminating the frustration of waiting for timber to dry between cleaning and coating, without compromising on the outcome.

Intergrain Brand Manager, Krystal Brabham explains that the next generation technology and formula advancements to the Intergrain range will ensure the products continue to deliver on their promise as Australia’s favourite high performance decking oil, longest lasting water based stain and environmentally responsible timber finishes.

According to Krystal, Intergrain is continually redefining the performance expectations of timber finishes, with the products designed to protect the natural beauty of timber. All Intergrain products are tested on a range of timber species including unique Australian timbers to deliver the assurance that they can stand up to the harshest conditions and continue to perform at the highest standard.

The Intergrain range now includes the new Intergrain NaturalStain Rejuvenator as well as reformulated Intergrain NaturalStain in sixteen colours, and Intergrain UltraDeck in three colour options including a natural finish.

Transparent Stain – Intergrain NaturalStain Rejuvenator

Specially formulated as a maintenance coating for timber previously coated with Intergrain NaturalStain, the new Intergrain NaturalStain Rejuvenator refreshes the look of timber without significantly developing the colour. Containing the unique Hydroguard technology, it resists stain absorption, and dirt and dust adhesion, helping the timber stay clean. Intergrain NaturalStain Rejuvenator adds significant protection against harsh environmental conditions and everyday use, and can be applied as often as required.

Semi-Transparent Stain – Intergrain NaturalStain

Suitable for reviving tired timber surfaces, the reformulated Intergrain NaturalStain can be used to change the colour of treated pine. The water-based stain demonstrates long-lasting quality and durability, and is recommended for decks, weatherboards, window frames, shutters and garden furniture among others. The Hydroguard formulation ensures protection against stains and abrasion while helping the timber stay clean against dirt and dust exposure. Based on the original state and species of the timber, NaturalStain delivers a range of colour options: NaturalStain Cedar/Cypress, NaturalStain Charcoal, NaturalStain Jarrah/Redgum, NaturalStain Merbau and NaturalStain Redwood with eleven additional colour options that can be tinted from NaturalStain Tint Base.

Transparent Oil – Intergrain UltraDeck

Intergrain UltraDeck is a water-based decking oil formulated to combat signs of timber dryness and loss of colour. The ultimate maintenance product for exterior timber revival, UltraDeck enhances the characteristics of the timber grain and weathers naturally, without the risk of cracking and peeling. The water-based oil is ideal for decorative timber and will inject new life and contemporary colours into decks, furniture, fencing, cladding and joinery.

New bigger 250ml sample pots

Intergrain offers the high performing new formulations of UltraDeck and NaturalStain in convenient and larger 250ml sample pots for colour testing by first time users as well as use in smaller projects. The new range of sample pots includes three UltraDeck pre-packaged colours, four NaturalStain pre-tinted colours and one tint base. All other NaturalStain colours can be tinted from this range.