The Cabot’s CFP sandless flooring systems have been specifically formulated for use on worn and tired previously coated solid timber floors, including floating timber floors.

These innovative sandless flooring systems consist of two products, Cabot’s CFP sandless floor primers and Cabot’s CFP water based top coats.

The Cabot's CFP sandless floor primers replace the requirement to sand floors prior to the application of CFP water based coatings. The clear coating is designed exclusively for providing a sound base for a topcoat of CFP water based on previously coated timber, parquetry and timber floating floors.

Cabot's water-based timber finishes give high clarity and cool tones to timber flooring, whilst providing excellent durability and long lasting wear.

Easy to apply and fast drying, the Cabot’s water-based timber finishes deliver a fresh new look floor boards with minimal interruption.