Cabot's has introduced new ready-to-use trigger spray packs to clean and protect outdoor timber furniture.

Cabot’s Garden Furniture Prep, a ready-to-use treatment for removing contaminants prior to oiling exterior timber surfaces, and Cabot’s Garden Furniture Oil, an exterior timber furniture protection formulation to maintain the natural look of timber, are now available in convenient spray packs. 

The new spray packs have been introduced in response to consumer requests for an easy and affordable option for cleaning outdoor timber furniture, which can otherwise be a cumbersome process. 

The new trigger spray packs offer a convenient and complete maintenance solution, keeping outdoor timber furniture as good as new.

Cabot’s Garden Furniture Prep 500ml Spray

Pre-mixed and ready to go, the Cabot’s Garden Furniture Prep trigger spray pack cleans timber furniture without the mess and hassle of diluting cleaner concentrates. An oxalic acid timber cleaner, it can simply be sprayed on, scrubbed and washed off.

The water-based formulation of Cabot’s Garden Furniture Prep can remove both tannins and oil from new timber, and dirt and grime from weathered timber, ensuring the perfect base before the coating phase.

Cabot’s Garden Furniture Oil 500ml Spray

The new Cabot’s Garden Furniture Oil trigger spray pack is the same trusted Garden Furniture Oil formula but in a convenient easy-to-use spray pack. Key benefits of the trigger spray pack include easy application especially in hard-to-reach areas; water-based formulation for fast-drying; and low odour.

For an even finish, simply spray on and lightly back brush over the timber.

The 500ml spray bottles are sufficient for a 3-piece setting, with Cabot’s Garden Furniture Oil accounting for two coats. The new spray packs are part of the complete range of easy outdoor solutions from Cabot’s.