There is an Inter-Room RFID Smartcard locking system available with various security functionality and for various budgets.

Inter-Room is utilising advanced European design and engineered hard wired locking systems to provide secure storage of patient’s personnel items.

A range of locking options are available comprised of a hard wired computer controlled system that can access and control 124 locks and up to a distance of 100m from the control point. This system can be accessed via a Wrist strap, ISO card or key fob up to a distance of 20mm. 

The battery operated RFID locking system provides a lower cost with greater flexibility. This option can be installed onto a bedside cabinet and can be moved with the patient as they move between hospital departments.

The compact lock is powered by AA batteries, which intelligently change colour when the batteries are running low and need to be replaced.

This smartcard technology can also be utilised for accessing patient records, medication, post operation recovery programmes, and patient purchases at the hospital canteen or book store.