Inter-Room  offer a wide range of bedside cabinets that are ideal for all health and aged care facilities.

Bedside cabinets are available in a variety of coloured laminates and moisture resistant board. The standard colour range of 60 colours is comprised of wood grains and plain colours. They are also available in modern and traditional designs according to customer requirements.

Inter-Room offer bedside cabinets in a selection of configurations that come with or without a hutch (top shelf). Configurations include, but are not limited to:

  • 1 drawer and extra deep door
  • 1 shelf, 1 drawer and a deep drawer
  • 2 drawers and a deep drawer
  • 2 drawers and a deep door
  • 3 drawers
  • 4 drawers
Depending upon the functionality or aesthetic requirements of the customer, bedside cabinets are also available with numerous options including: 
  • Castors for easy movement and cleaning 
  • Modern designed aluminium legs 
  • Traditional designed Tasmanian Oak legs 
  • Self supporting sides – Dementia units can use this as a support aid 
  • Hutch that offers extra space 
  • Dual tonal for dementia visibility / invisibility

Bedside tables can also be custom built to specific customer specifications.