Intellichoice  provides financial products such as loans to clients in Australia. Apart from loans, Intellichoice also offers a number of financial services to its clients. Consultants and experts from Intellichoice are highly experienced in the financial and banking industries in Australia. Intellichoice is also a member of reputed financial organisations such as the Credit Ombudsman Service Limited (COSL) and the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia.

The equipment leasing service provided by Intellichoice helps businessmen who want to lease out equipment to the commercial and industrial sectors. The expatriate and foreign national finance service from Intellichoice is mainly focussed on assisting foreign nationals who are living in Australia. Intellichoice helps these expatriates find home loan providers according to their budget and requirements. Intellichoice also assists these foreign nationals with all necessary financial paperwork and documentation.

The lifestyle protection insurance service from Intellichoice provides a cover to clients who want to maintain the same kind of lifestyle even in the event of a death, illness or accident. This service from Intellichoice provides clients with financial security even when circumstances are difficult. The lifestyle protection insurance from Intellichoice is also provided to clients who are not in a position to work due to permanent illness or injury.